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Details: Finding generic application icons such as chart, document, and navigation icons can often be a challenging and time consuming process. The reasons become clear when faced with the poorly organized and largely inconsistent images found throughout the net. Developers have a growing need for a standardized set of application icons that incorporates both high-demand concepts with visually stimulating design. Our application icon packs were created with these principles in mind, focusing on basic metaphors utilized by most desktop and web-centric applications.

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Aqua Applications v1.0


IsoSoft Applications v1.0


XP Applications v3.0


Outline Applications v1.0

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What are the benefits of using standardized application icons?
Whether it's private or commercial-use, Windows or web-based, your application needs to look professional and meet user expectations for quality and usability. Icons are an essential part of this experience as they affect both aesthetics and a users ability to adapt quickly to a given interface. Without this critical component, even the best programming can end up in poor execution when it comes to marketing and customer satisfaction. Although, with the right tools, the end result can mean increased sales, more repeat business, and improved corporate image.

Do you offer application icon design services?
Yes, we offer a wide-range of custom icon design services in addition to an extensive library from which you may buy icons pre-customized for a variety of industries. Pre-packaged
icon sets provide a cost-effective means for enhancing your applications and associated media at a fraction of the typical cost of custom graphics.

What are App Icons?
App is a popular abbreviation for Application and is often used in the developer community.

Making the right choice:
Choosing icons for your application can often be a daunting process. For this reason we've worked hard to create a site that is both functional and informative. We welcome your questions and have a knowledgeable staff ready to assist you.