Icons for Business and Abstract Concepts

Details: How does one conceptualize abstract business concepts such as Partners, Goals, Suppliers, etc.? It takes experience and creativity to capture these generalized ideas into the small, compact designs, known as business icons. Regardless of their small size the ideas they possess must be clearly communicated to the end-user. We feel we've captured the essence of these popular and complex business objects with our stock offerings of business icons. If you're looking to buy professional computer graphics for your presentations, project plans, and business applications, we provide a fast and easy solution that is just a mouse-click away.

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IsoSoft Business v1.0


iConcept Business v1.0


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Enhance your Presentations:
A pizzazz to drab, boring presentations that lack color and illustrative quality. Icons speak miles to a user in a way to pure text sometimes can't. This is what iconography is all about, capturing ideas and bringing them to life with the right choice of symbolic imagery. Convey meaning with each important element of your PowerPoint Presentations, Visio Diagrams, and much more.