Icons developed from scratch by in-house creative staff can be quite costly, and most graphic designers are not skilled in the intricacies of icon design. Many companies are now opting to buy icons rather than spend countless hours searching through free, but often poorly-designed images yielding unsatisfactory results. This is largely due to the high-incidence of spyware, inconsistency among collections, and potential licensing issues encountered with free image sites.

Here at Professional Icons, we work specifically to address this need by providing prepackaged assortments of royalty-free icons with consistent styling, affordable prices, and high-demand content.

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Along with foundational libraries, you can also buy icons specifically tailored to various industries ranging from Accounting to Medical, and more.

Why should I buy icons from Professional-Icons.com?

  • Unique collections with groundbreaking designs from the industry's best icon designers.
  • Expert authority on the design of Vista Icons.
  • Unlike some companies who often advertise blurry, auto-resized "clipart" as icons, we understand the intricacies of icon design and have the experience needed to produce commercial-quality icon sets.
  • All original, OS-independent styles perfect for web icons, flash demos, and more.
  • Full-time staff working around the clock to expand our already comprehensive icon library with new, innovative collections.
  • Consistently designed icon packages perfect for companies seeking uniformity enterprise-wide or along a line of products and services.
  • We are a pioneer in the icon design industry and have set many standards that other icon companies have sought to follow. Buy your icons from the source and don't be fooled by lower-quality imitations.
  • Team of experienced designers available to accommodate your needs for additional custom icons, logos, splash screens, product boxes, and other popular software graphics.

For a complete list of available products, please see our stock icons page. With so many styles, sizes, and formats to choose from, buying icons just got a whole lot easier.
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