Need icons to test with your software, digital media, or website?

Curious about Professional Icons? Interested in evaluating our products for compatibility with your target environment? We want you to feel comfortable purchasing icons from us, so we have provided several samples from randomly selected icon packages in each of our available product lines. Sample icons are available for download free of charge and can be used for a hands-on product evaluation.

Download All Sample Icons / All Styles   * Highly Recommended

Download 'Vista' Only
Download 'Aqua' Only
Download 'Office' Only
Download 'IsoSoft' Only
Download 'XP' Only
Download 'iConcept' Only
Download 'Outline' Only

Note: Example toolbars and screenshots also included.

Please contact us if you have any issues with implementation. Most issues are easily solvable by selecting the appropriate file format for your platform. We have software development professionals happy to assist you in this process at no cost.
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Can I use the downloaded icons in my projects?
Our icons download section was added as a courtesy to allow potential customers to verify the compatibility and visual blending of our icons with their target environment. Please note that samples icons are for testing purposes only; you must purchase the icon pack in question if you intend to use any of the images in your projects after evaluation.

Once I place an order, how are the icon packages delivered?
The icons are downloaded directly from our site using our member control panel. We can also send you a DVD if you do not have a reliable internet connection. You have 90 days to download your icons as many times as you like, although we typically only remove items when new versions become available. No three-day time limits or single-use download links often found with competing companies. At Professional Icons, we give you what you need, when you need it.

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