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Details: Whenever considering a provider of medical icons, there are a few important factors to be considered. First, verify that internationally-recognized medical symbols have been utilized. This ensures that your health-related product or service remains suitable for people of all languages and nationalities. Most importantly, the images should be downloadable in a variety of sizes and file formats. Our medical icon stocks are perfect for hospitals, physicians, medical software companies, and more. Each professionally designed collection includes a wide variety of healthcare-related icons ranging from family medicine and dentistry to nursing and optometry.

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How do your collections differ from standard clipart?
Clipart and stock photography are notoriously inconsistent and largely unusable when resized to common resolutions required for software development. It is unforunate that many of these same collections are labeled as "icons." This is certainly a misuse of the term, if not misleading altogether. All of our icon collections contain real "icons," not clipart or photos that are largely impractical for use at small sizes. It is our strong opinion that a professional interface cannot be designed using random pieces of art that have no obvious visual correlation to each other.

Do you provide transparent formats?
Yes, all of our collections include transparent formats. We typically recommend that you use the PNG Icons that we provide since they render the highest quality transparency possible.

Will your VISTA collections work on Mac OS X?
Yes each VISTA package includes the ICNS format, which was designed specifically for Mac OS X. For a complete list of package contents, please see our Vista Icons page.