Icon Sets for Design, Audio/Video, and News Media

Being able to adapt quickly to advancing technology is key to success in any technological field. The integration of state-of-the-art icon design in your project immediately shows users that your product is on the cutting edge of technology, increasing credibility. Artfully devised in accordance with our relentless pursuit for perfection, our multimedia icons cover a variety of media-related areas including audio engineering, video production, photography, news media, and more.

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Supporting Users on All Platforms:
While we got our start developing icons targeted at Microsoft-based platforms, we have come a long way from our humble roots. Since then we've introduced several new icon styles to better support Web and Mac Users, including our all-new Aqua Icons family. Now, regardless of your interface type, we probably have just what you need.

Need Images to Test in Your Project?
Be sure to visit our icons download section for free sample graphics.

More on our Multimedia Collections:
We take pride in creating graphics that not only please the eye but also enhance functionality. All of our icon libraries were designed with both aesthetics and usability in mind. Ultimately it is quality that sets us apart from our competitors. We encourage you to review our works and see the difference that experience and attention to detail can make. Whether your project is audio, news, or video-related, we have a wide-variety of multimedia icons ready to meet your needs.