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Glassy and illuminating, Mac Aqua Icons bring both form and function to any OS X or web-based application. Their subtle use of transparency adds true depth and dimension by mimicking the effects of glass and moving water. Unlike similar Mac styles, AQUA utilizes slight overhead perspective giving a feeling of 3D downward view onto each object. We feel this offers unique styling when compared to the flat, toolbar views often found in other competing sets. Although inspired by Apple's Aqua Icon Design standard, this product line blends beautifully with both Macintosh and Windows Vista GUIs.

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Aqua Applications v1.0


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Beautifully curved, nearly devoid of hard lines, shaded for complex dimension, and intuitively symbolic, our Mac icons enchant the eye, stimulating visual enjoyment while increasing product adaptability. New and veteran users alike respond instantly to the simple, yet modern look of AQUA, making these icons very popular within the Mac community. Whether you seek the soft and understated look of VISTA or the illuminating sophistication of AQUA’s designs, Professional Icons offers packages to suit every client’s tastes and every project’s needs. Be sure to check out our incredible selection of Vista style icons.

'AQUA' in Action