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We proudly introduce our OFFICE icons family, a style combining interface elements inspired by both Mac OS X and Microsoft Office. With a custom color scheme of soft neutral shades and platform-independent styling, OFFICE icons are not just for Windows programmers. They can also fit beautifully into web-based and Java (Swing/SWT) interfaces. Exceptional clarity at small resolutions makes OFFICE perfect for toolbars, context menus, RibbonBars, and more. Strategically-placed shadows ensure visibility by allowing the images to stand out on virtually any target background. Each icon pack includes formats for both software and web use.

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OFFICE icons are only a small part of what we have to offer. We also have icons for sale in several other globally recognized and exclusive styles available only through our site. Some of these are OS-specific families such as Mac OS X and Windows Icons, while others are carefully engineered for total platform independence. "Platform Independence" in this context means that end-users would be unable to accurately classify which operating system the application or media belonged to. This is often an important goal for both Java and Web-based developers whose customers use multiple devices and/or operating systems.

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