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Bring vibrance and life to your next e-commerce or desktop project with XP icons from your one stop source for high-end graphics needs. If what you desire is rich, vibrant color, XP style icons can deliver. Targeted at developers and business consumers, XP is known for character, personality, and a highly-professional appearance. Below you'll find commercial-centric icon packs ready for seamless integration into a variety of mobile, web, and desktop platforms. Improve your ROI today and stop wasting sales due to a lackluster visual experience. XP icons can help you achieve your goals for better visual impact and maximized usability.

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XP Network v2.0


XP Education v1.0


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XP vs. Vista:
The abstract nature of the XP style allows for rich, vibrant colors and exaggerated proportions since objects are not expected to appear as seen in everyday life. This gives the charisma and personality that XP icons are well-known for. Other icon families such as Windows Vista Icons take a different approach utilizing stereotypical colors of real-world objects in order to help achieve a higher degree of realism. Some examples of this concept would be using brown for boxes, white for paper, green for grass, etc. This is not to say that XP Icons do not use literal colors, but rather that there is freedom for a designer to take either approach.

Choosing the right Family:
When choosing an icon family, the key factor to consider is the target environment in which the images will be used. Does your UI have a matte or glossy finish? Are the colors dull or vibrant? Do you want a more abstracted or realistic look? The personal preferences of the marketing, management, and design teams will often weigh heavily as well. Availability of concepts is also important to consider; larger, more comprehensive icon libraries are a good sign that there is ample support behind the product(s).

Specific Needs Require Specific Libraries:
In addition to foundational application sets, our XP icon line also includes industry-specific packages covering areas such as Education, Accounting, Medical, and more. We helped pioneer the industry-specific concept and were even first company to develop a collection of medical icons for the software development community.

The Evolution of Windows Icons
Windows Icons have certainly come a long way since version 1.0. We started with simple black and white images and have now progressed to extraordinary 3D icons with 32-bit color. Change keeps things exciting and allows design companies like us to stay in business.

Did you know?
We've been supporting the Microsoft Development Community since 2004 where we got our start designing XP icons. Since then we've continued to break new ground with creative Windows, Mac, and Custom icon families for developers of all platforms.

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