A visually pleasing and highly-accessible toolbar is at the core of every successful UI design. Only as efficient as its components, the success of a toolbar is contingent on the quality of its icons. In other words, the toolbar icons do in fact make the toolbar and therefore, are critical to the success of the overall interface. From the crystal-clarity of OFFICE to the dramatic 3D-views of VISTA Icons, here you’ll find a wide assortment of toolbar icons for your project's RibbonBars, ButtonBars, and more.

Sample VISTA Toolbars

Sample XP Toolbars

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Empower your Presentation Layer:
Making a powerful presentation is more important than ever. There are several key elements involved, and it all starts with a well-designed toolbar. Along with an appropriate toolbar control, professionally-designed software or web icons are essential to creating a polished and professional look.

It's important that each image is not only beautiful, but also consistent with the surrounding visual elements. Each icon cannot stand on its own; a good result requires that "the sum" works together cohesively. Colors should feel harmonic and equally distributed throughout the entire visual plane. This is a principle often neglected by many designers. Although, when done correctly, this marriage of elements can set the stage for a visual masterpiece.

Toolbar icons are the building blocks from which a user learns how to interact with the software or media set before them. The icon libraries you choose should be both relevant and complementary to the rest of your interface. With careful planning and the right components, you can create something even your competitors will admire.

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